2 years Postdoctoral position at the INRAE/UPPA UMR1419 NuMeA (St Pée-sur-Nivelle, FRANCE) CFATG
2 years Postdoctoral position at the INRAE/UPPA UMR1419 NuMeA (St Pée-sur-Nivelle, FRANCE)
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2 years Postdoctoral position

INRAE/UPPA UMR1419 NuMeA (St Pée-sur-Nivelle, FRANCE)

We are looking for an excellent and highly motivated candidate to join our group for the realization of a project aimed at deciphering the mechanisms involved in the regulation of Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy in fish. The project is supported by the European Maritime and Fisheries Funds (EMFF).

In the context of the global expansion of aquaculture, one of the major challenges is to improve our understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in nutrient utilization and the control of metabolism in fish. In this regard, we recently provided the first evidence for the existence in fish of a major pathway of lysosomal proteolysis known as Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy (CMA) and recognized as a key player of the control of metabolism. Specifically, CMA involves the direct delivery of cytosolic proteins containing a CMA-targeting motif (including several enzymes related to carbohydrate and lipid metabolisms) for degradation to the lysosome. In line with our recent findings, we propose now to decipher the mechanisms involved in the regulation of CMA in rainbow trout hepatocyte (RTH-149 and RTL-W1) cell lines. This species, considered as a model of glucose intolerance, has a relatively low capacity to use carbohydrates as an energy source, and we suspect that CMA may play a key role in this metabolic trait.


Candidates should have a PhD with a strong background in cell biological and/or molecular techniques. Good communication skills in oral and written English are essential. Previous work in autophagy will be highly appreciated, but is not necessary.


Researches in INRAE/UPPA UMR1419 NuMeA (Nutrition, Metabolism, and Aquaculture) are conducted in a context of limited marine resources and a strong aquaculture development worldwide. They aim to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the control of the main metabolic functions and growth in fish.
The postdoc will be carried out under the supervision of Iban SEILIEZ (Research Director). The research carried out by I SEILIEZ aims, through in vivo and in vitro studies, to advance our understanding of the nutritional control of autophagy and its role in the regulation of metabolism in teleost fish. Due to the wide diversity of their lifestyles, metabolic features and phylogenetic position, these species represent relevant model organisms for studying the metabolic role as well as the evolutionary history of such a key function crucial for adaptation and survival.

• Laboratory : UMR1419 INRAE/UPPA NuMeA, Saint Pée-sur-Nivelle, France
• Duration: 24 months
• Gross monthly salary: 2371 € to 2919 € (depending on experience)

If interested please contact Iban SEILIEZ (iban.seiliez[at]inrae.fr) including in the message a letter of motivation, a CV and the contact information of 2-3 references.

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