6th Autophagy Scientific Days organized by CFATG CFATG
6th Autophagy Scientific Days organized by CFATG

Best short-talk (Sponsored by Compagny of Biologists): Pauline Verlhac: “A new regulator of autophagosome maturation”, CIRI Lyon
Best flash talk: Ana Maria Negulescu (Sponsored by Cancéropôle GSO): ” Kremen-1 receptor functions as a putative tumor suppressor in breast cancer by inducing autophagic cell death in absence of its ligand Dickkopf-1″, CRCL Lyon
Best posters:
Katerine Fletcher (Sponsored by Compagny of Biologists): “Novel mechanisms of Atg16L1 recrutment in non-canonical autophagy”, Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK
Jennifer Beauvarlet (Sponsored by Cancéropôle GSO): A G-quadruplex ligand induces G2/M phase arrest and cell death in HeLa cells through induction of DNA damage response, ROS production and autophagy,”, Institut Bergonié, Bordeaux

Information and Registration


2016 Meeting of the CFATG

Date: October 12-14th 2016
Location: Bordeaux University, France
Contact organizer: n.camougrand@ibgc.cnrs.fr
CFATG6 Flyer

Meeting program is now available for download: MEETING PROGRAM CFATG 2016

Deadlines :

PhD/PostDoc Grant Application: June 20th 2016
Early registration: September 9th 2016
Late registration: September 28th 2016
Early abstract deadline (eligible for short-talk and talks): June 30th 2016
Late abstract deadline (non-eligible for short-talk and talks): September 9th 2016

Registration :

Registration fees:

Status Before 09th of September 2016 (incl. taxes) After 09th of September 2016 (incl. taxes)
Academic researcher (CFATG member) 200€ 350€
Academic researcher 250€ 350€
Student and Post-Doc (CFATG member) 150€ 250€
Student and Post-Doc 180€ 250€
Sponsors 200€ 200€

To register to CFATG 2016: Click here

To become a CFATG member: click here

The registration fees include:

  • Entry to the scientific program, poster sessions, workshop
  • Abstract submission
  • Book of abstracts
  • List of participants
  • Coffee breaks
  • Lunch (13/10/2016)
  • Cocktail Diner (12/10/2016)
  • Gala dinner (13/10/2016)
  • Lunch box (14/10/2016)

Are not included: hotels, transportation.
For a list of hotels: Click here

Cancellation policy: There will be no refund for cancellations. Only exceptional circumstances will be considered.

Abstract :

To submit an abstract: Click here
-First create an account in scienconf
-Wait for an email of confirmation
-Log in
-Submit your abstract
Note: To apply for an oral presentation, abstract must be submitted before June 20th 2016.

PhD/PostDoc Grant :

Several grants will be given to PhD and PostDoc to cover part of their expenses for CFATG6/Bordeaux.
Application must be sent before June 20th, 2016, midnight, to: bureau@cfatg.org and should include:
-An abstract in English
-A CV ( 2 pages max) in French or English
-A motivation letter ( 1 page max) in French or English
Eligibility: the candidate and his/her supervisor must be a member of CFATG (to subscribe to CFATG: click here) and should not be a recipient of a CFATG grant for year 2015 or 2016 (awards are not considered as grant).

Local organizers:

  • Dr Marion Bouchecareilh: CR CNRS, IBGC-CNRS UMR5095
  • Dr Nadine Camougrand (Coordinatrice): DR CNRS, IBGC-CNRS UMR5095
  • Dr Benjamin Dehay: CR INSERM, IMN-CNRS UMR5293
  • Dr Mojgan Djavaheri-Mergny: CR INSERM, Institut Bergonié / INSERM 1218
  • Dr Raul Duran: CR INSERM, IECB/Bergonié
  • Dr Jean-Max Pasquet: DR INSERM, Inserm U1035
  • Muriel Priault: CR CNRS, IBGC-CNRS UMR5095
  • Dr Iban Seiliez: NuMeA, CR INRA, UR1067 INRA
  • Dr Harry Wodrich: CR INSERM, MFP CNRS UMR5234
  • Pierre Vigié: PhD student, IBGC-CNRS UMR5095

CFATG Scientific committee:

  • Nadine Camougrand (Treasurer): DR CNRS, IBGC, Bordeaux
  • Patrice Codogno: DR INSERM, INEM, Paris
  • Dr Mojgan Djavaheri-Mergny: CR INSERM, Institut Bergonié, Bordeaux
  • Audrey Esclatine: Professeur Université Paris Sud, I2BC, Gif-sur-Yvette
  • Lucile Espert: CR CNRS, CPBS , Montpellier
  • Mathias Faure (President): Professeur Université Lyon 1, CIRI, Lyon
  • Carine Joffre: Post-doctorante, CRCT, Toulouse
  • Frank Lafont: DR CNRS, Institut Pasteur, Lille
  • Pierre Lapaquette: Maître de Conférences, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon
  • Sophie Pattingre: CR INSERM, Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier
  • Valérie Pierrefite: CR INSERM, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Nice
  • Isabelle Vergne (Secretary): CR CNRS, IPBS, Toulouse

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