CFATG8, La Grande Motte, France CFATG
CFATG8, La Grande Motte, France

2018 Meeting of the CFATG

       Date: 17-19th of October 2018

       Location: Belambra Club, La Grande Motte, France.

       Contact organizers: et





Meeting program : Click here

Click hereto download CFATG8 flyer and share it!


– Early abstract deadline (eligible for short-talk and talks): July 13th 2018
– Late abstract deadline (non-eligible for short-talk and talks): July 13th 2018
– Registration: September 14th 2018
– Late registration: October 19th 2018


Registration fees:

Status Before September 14th 2018 (taxes included) After September 14th 2018 (taxes included)
Academic researcher (CFATG member) 425€ 500€
Academic researcher 475€ 550€
Student and Post-Doc (CFATG member) 275€ 400€
Student and Post-Doc 325€ 450€
Companion (Including on-site catering and gala diner) 200€ 200€

To register to CFATG 2018: Click HERE

To become a CFATG member: click here

To become a CFATG member for 2019, please fill out the form include in your welcome pack during the meeting. A permanence desk will be located in the conference room during the annual general CFATG meeting (Thursday 18th, 17h00-18h00). These adhesions are important:

· To promote the development of scientific research in the field of autophagy.

· To stimulate exchanges between scientists, in particular through organization of meetings, seminars and other relevant venues.

· To serve as a link to other national and international associations through scientific collaborations and information dissemination.

· To obtain together a better representation at international meetings dedicated to autophagy and a better recognition and support for activities related to this topic.

· To contribute to continual advancement of scientific and technical standards and education quality in the field of autophagy.

· In addition, these adhesions are mandatory for the young scientists and their supervisor to apply for CFATG awards (fellowships to attend international conferences and annual CFATG meeting).

The registration fees include :

    • Access to the scientific program, poster sessions, workshop
    • Accommodation, catering and gala dinner
    • Abstract submission
    • Abstract book
    • List of participants
    • Coffee breaks

Accommodation will be in the form of bungalow: two single rooms with a shared bathroom (possibility to choose the person with whom to share this bungalow when registering on Azur colloque). A limited number of single rooms is provided (supplement of 50 € when registering on Azur colloque).

Are not included:
Transportation from station or airport toward the congress site. However, a shuttle will be available to come. To benefit from it, do not forget to indicate it during your registration on the site “Azur Colloque”.

Cancellation policy: There will be no refund for cancellations. Only exceptional circumstances will be considered.


To submit an abstract : Click HERE

– Pre-register on « Azur Colloque » – Click HERE
– Create an account in scienconf
– Wait for an email of confirmation
– Log in
– Submit your abstract

Note: To apply for an oral presentation, abstract must be submitted before July 13th 2018.

Events surrounding the meeting

– On Wednesday 17th of October, we are happy to welcome a band from Montpellier, The Cuarteto Cabernet, who will make you discover the Argentine tango. (, facebook @cuarteto cabernet). Download the flyer

– On Thursday October 18th, our friends and colleagues of The Membrane Band will make us dance with covers of rock standards (Facebook: @membraneband, Youtube: @membraneband). Download the flyer

Local organizers

      • Bruno Beaumelle : DR CNRS, IRIM – UMR9004 CNRS/UM
      • Martine Biard-Piechaczyk : DR CNRS, IRIM – UMR9004 CNRS/UM
      • Sébastien Besteiro : CR CNRS, DIMNP – UMR 5235 CNRS/UM
      • Pascale Bomont : CR INSERM, INM U1051 INSERM
      • Pierre Diamante : IE CNRS, IRIM – UMR9004 CNRS/UM
      • Lucile Espert (coordinatrice) : CR CNRS, IRIM – UMR9004 CNRS/UM
      • Mathilde Galais : Etudiante en thèse, IRIM – UMR9004 CNRS/UM
      • Sophie Pattingre (coordinatrice) : CR INSERM, IRCM U1194 INSERM
      • Véronique Robert_Hebmann : IR CNRS, IRIM – UMR9004 CNRS/UM
      • Romain Ragimbeau : Etudiant en thèse – IRCM U1194 INSERM

CFATG scientific committee:

      • Pascale Bomont : CR INSERM, INM U1051 INSERM, Montpelllier
      • Mojgan Djavaheri-Mergny : CR INSERM, Institut Bergonié, Bordeaux
      • Audrey Esclatine (Trésorière) : Professeur Université Paris Sud, I2BC, Gif-sur-Yvette
      • Lucile Espert : CR CNRS, IRIM UMR9004 CNRS/UM, Montpellier
      • Mathias Faure (Président) : Professeur Université Lyon 1, CIRI, Lyon
      • Pierre Lapaquette (secrétaire) : Maître de Conférences, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon
      • Etienne Morel : CR INSERM, INEM, U1151 INSERM, Paris
      • Sophie Pattingre : CR INSERM, IRCM U1194 INSERM, Montpellier

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