Autophagy pathway and intracellular compartments dynamics – November 2019 CFATG
Autophagy pathway and intracellular compartments dynamics – November 2019

Team: Autophagy pathway and intracellular compartments dynamics

Institut Necker Enfants Malades
Cell Biology Department
156 rue de Vaugirard
75015 PARIS, France

Team presentation

Websites :

Team leader : Etienne Morel, INSERM researcher, etienne.morel[at]

Team members, 2019 :

Joelle BOTTI, researcher/lecturer
Nicolas DUPONT, researcher/lecturer
Federica ROCCIO, PhD candidate
Asma BOUKHALFA, PhD candidate
Irene PILA-CASTELLANOS, PhD candidate
Clemence BOR, master student
Patrice CODOGNO, research director (DR.EX, INSERM), emeritus
Etienne MOREL, researcher (INSERM)

From left to right: Federica ROCCIO, Clemence BOR, Morgane DJEBAR, Karla ALVAREZ, Joelle BOTTI, Nicolas DUPONT, Diana MOLINO, Caterina MICELLI, Etienne MOREL, Asma BOUKHALFA, Irene PILA-CASTELLANOS

Keywords: autophagy and cellular stresses, intracelluar signalization, membrane dynamics and trafficking, primary cilium, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, endosome, phosphoinositides, epithelial physiology, virale infection.

Research Topic:

Our project aims at investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate autophagic pathway during stress response in cooperation with other endomembranes, in physiological and pathophysiological situations.
We study intracellular signaling and trafficking pathways (golden lines, figure below) that connect the autophagosome with endomembranes (primary cilium, mitochondria, endosomes, ER, etc.), or infectious agents, during integration of nutritional and mechanical stresses.

References (2016 – 2019):

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