Postdoc Autophagy and Cancer CFATG
Postdoc Autophagy and Cancer

3-years postdoc position in autophagy and cancer

Oslo University Hospital

Department of Tumor Biology, Autophagy in Cancer Team
A 3-years postdoc position is available now in Dr Nikolai Engedal’s research group in the Department of Tumor Biology of the University Hospital in Oslo ( The successful candidate will decipher the role of autophagy in prostate cancer formation and progression, discover autophagy-related markers with clinical value, and identify autophagy-modulating drugs that can reduce cancer cell aggressiveness.


Keywords: Autophagy, prostate cancer, biomarkers, drug screen.

Desired Skills: PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology or equivalent. Knowledge and experience in cell culture, cell-based assay, autophagy monitoring, basic molecular biology methods are highly desired. Knowledge and experience in bioinformatics, cloning, lentivirus, immunochemistry are advantages. Communication in English and team-work ability are required.

For more information and to apply, click here.

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