Postdoc Autophagy / metabolic diseases CFATG
Postdoc Autophagy / metabolic diseases

2-years postdoc position in autophagy and metabolic diseases

Institut Necker des Enfants Malades (INEM), Paris

A 2-years postdoc position is available now in Pr Pascale De Lonlay and Dr Sebastian Montealegres’s research group to study the implication of autophagy and vesicular transport in metabolic diseases such as Rhabdomyolysis. The candidate will drive an ambitious research project aiming at understanding how the absence of a recently identified protein leads to a severe phenotype.

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Keywords: Autophagy, vesicular transport, metabolic diseases, rhabdomyolysis

Desired Skills: Cell and molecular biology (primary cell culture, confocal microscopy, WB, RT-qPCR), experience with Zebrafish model is a plus, team-working ability, management skills.

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