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CFATG is a French society « loi 1901 »

CFATG or « Club Francophone de l’AuTophaGie » was created in January 2011 to promote scientific research in the field of autophagy, to stimulate exchanges between French-speaking scientists through collaborations, and to support diffusion of knowledge and information on that topic.

CFATG has the following missions:

  • To promote the development of scientific research in the field of autophagy.
  • To stimulate exchanges between French-speaking scientists, in particular through organization of meetings, seminars and other relevant venues.
  • To serve as a link to other national and international associations through scientific collaborations and information dissemination.
  • To obtain together a better representation at international meetings dedicated to autophagy and a better recognition and support for activities related to this topic.
  • To contribute to continual advancement of scientific and technical standards and education quality in the field of autophagy…

The scientific field of autophagy encompasses different themes: immunity and infection, metabolic disorders, cancer, neurosciences, ageing, selective autophagy, mechanisms and regulations.