Senior Scientist / Post-Doc in Autophagy (Autophagy Center, Dallas, USA) CFATG
Senior Scientist / Post-Doc in Autophagy (Autophagy Center, Dallas, USA)

Senior Scientist and Post-Doctoral Positions in Autophagy

Beth Levine’s lab, UT Southwestern Medical Center (Autophagy Center), Dallas, USA


Beth Levine’s lab has openings for two senior scientists as well as additional trainees at earlier stages in their development (i.e. post-doctoral fellows). Beth Levine is the Principal Investigator of a new NIH consortium grant on autophagy and infectious diseases. In addition, UT Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) has a new initiative in autophagy and neurodegeneration that Beth Levine is participating in; this provides funds for her laboratory and the UTSW Center for Autophagy Research. Together, these resources provide a unique opportunity to recruit aggressively to move forward our research on autophagy.

Beth Levine’s lab is interested in recruiting at all levels, but am most especially interested in recruiting persons who have completed postdoctoral training and would enjoy taking on responsibility for leading one or more of the efforts noted above. Candidates should have strong scientific abilities and unquenchable curiosity, as well as strong organizational and writing skills.

Please let your own trainees know of these opportunities and feel free to share this request with additional researchers or candidates whom you feel would be well-suited.

Interested persons should contact Beth Levine directly at:


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