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Report Symposium IBDiphagy-2020 (Lyon, 3/06/2021)

Symposium IBDiphagy-2020 : Autophagy, Infection & Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Date: June, 3rd 2021 Location: Lyon, France Mathias Faure and Stéphane Nancey for the Autophagy Infection Immunity A2i team, CIRI (Find out more about the team) are pleased to invite you to the IBDiphagy-2020 Autophagy, Infection & Inflammatory Bowel Diseases mini-symposium which will take place in…

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“TOR de France” (May 25-26th, 2020 Nice, France)

“TOR” de France Date: May 25-26 2020 Location: Nice, France Website: https://www.tor-de-france.fr We are pleased to announce that the registration is open to the 2-nd meeting “TOR de France”, which will be held on 25-26 May 2020 at the Hotel Saint Paul in Nice, France (www.tor-de-france.fr). Currently “TOR de France” is a unique conference series…

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Local organization committee of CFATG7, Paris – September 2017

Presentation of the local organization committee of CFATG7/Paris Event will take place 27th-29th November 2017 Patrice Codogno (DR INSERM) patrice.codogno@inserm.fr Institut Necker-Enfants Malades INSERM U1151-CNRS UMR 8253 Université Paris Descartes-Sorbonne Paris Cité Research: Molecular and cellular regulation of autophagy, autophagy and stress response, autophagy and cancer Audrey Esclatine (Professor) audrey.esclatine@u-psud.fr I2BC, Institut de Biologie Intégrative…

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Local organization committee of CFATG6, Bordeaux – Juillet 2016

Local organization committee of CFATG6/Bordeaux Event will take place 12th-14th October 2016 Several research teams in Bordeaux and St Pée sur Nivelle that work on Autophagy have created “Club Autophagique Bordelais” (CAB) in 2015. This year the CAB will organized with CFATG the 6th Scientific days on Autophagy in Bordeaux. Marion Bouchecareilh (CR CNRS) marionb@ibgc.cnrs.fr…

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International Autophagy Conferences

Information and subscription IAC Program To view the pre-program: click here. Last update: 23/05/2014 Download the IAC poster: click here. Symposium “Autophagy & Cancer” September 15th 2014 Pierre-Paul Riquet Hôpital, Purpan, Toulouse, France Scientific organizers: S. Giuriato and S. Manenti (Toulouse, France) The symposium is free but you must register in order to attend. To…

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