Workshop on Autophagy in model organisms (6-8/09/2018, Budapest, Hungary) CFATG
Workshop on Autophagy in model organisms (6-8/09/2018, Budapest, Hungary)

Workshop on Autophagy in model organisms

Date: September 6-8, 2018
Location: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary

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Gabor Juhasz (Budapest/Szeged, Hungary)
Fulvio Reggiori (Groningen, The Netherlands)


Nadine Camougrand (yeast, Bordeaux, France)
Gabor Juhasz (Drosophila, Budapest/Szeged, Hungary)
Renaud Legouis (C. elegans, Gif-sur-Yvette, France)
Annemarie Meijer (zebrafish, Leiden, The Netherlands)
Fulvio Reggiori (yeast, Groningen, The Netherlands)
David Rubinsztein (zebrafish, Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Tor Erik Rusten (Drosophila, Oslo, Norway)
Nektarios Tavernarakis (C. elegans, Heraklion, Greece)

Join us to discuss your autophagy project with experts of the field!

During this 3-day workshop, experts in the field will present and discuss the current assays to monitor the activation and progression of autophagy in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Drosophila melanogaster, Caenorhabditis elegans and Danio rero. Moreover, they will provide an historical overview of discoveries made in these model systems about the mechanisms and functions of autophagy. The workshop will have round table format and all the participants will have the opportunity to present and discuss their projects and experimental approaches.

Registration and conference participation is free of charge.

For enquiries and to register, send a motivation letter and project description to:

Registration is open until conference slots fill up (16-24 participants, plus 8 speakers).

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