Group Leader positions in immunology, CIML (Marseille, France) CFATG
Group Leader positions in immunology, CIML (Marseille, France)
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Group Leader positions in immunology, CIML (Marseille, France)

The CIML, a world-class immunology institute with a tradition of high quality research, provides an exceptional international research environment, with a renowned graduate program. The institute is currently composed of 14 research groups and 6 scientific core facilities with a total of 200 staff. The
CIML is located on a pluridisciplinary campus in the Calanques national park in the south of France and is affiliated with Inserm, CNRS and Aix-Marseille University.

The CIML seeks to attract talented researchers in the field of immunology.

Our main objective is to understand the transcriptional, biochemical and mechanistic bases of the functioning of the immune system, including its deregulation during infection and diseases. Selected applicants, who are expected to use multidisciplinary approaches such as systems biology, modeling, microbiology, genetics or cell biology, as well as emerging technologies, will be offered attractive start-up packages.

The CIML actively promotes equal opportunities and applications from female scientists are especially welcome.

Applicants should send a curriculum vitae with publication list, a 2 page summary of past research achievements and future projects, in English, including the names and addresses of three referees, before January 15th 2018, to Dr. Philippe PIERRE (, to whom informal inquiries can also be addressed.

CIML Groups:
– Lena Alexopoulou (Toll-like receptors in immunity)
– Marc Bajénoff (Stromal cell immunobiology)
– Marc Dalod (Dendritic cells and antiviral defense)
– Jonathan Ewbank (Innate immunity in C. elegans)
– Jean-Pierre Gorvel (Immunology and cell biology of pathogen/host cell interactions)
– Hai Tao He & Didier Marguet (Membrane dynamics and T lymphocyte signaling)
– Toby Lawrence (Inflammation biology group)
– Bernard & Marie Malissen (Genetic dissection of the function of T cells and dendritic cells)
– Bertrand Nadel (Genomic instability and human hemopathies)
– Philippe Naquet (Tissue inflammation and immunity)
– Philippe Pierre (Dendritic cell biology)
– Michael Sieweke (Stem cell and macrophage biology)
– Serge Van De Pavert (Development of the immune system)
– Eric Vivier, (Natural killer cells and innate immunity)

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