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Autophagy in the healthy and diseased brain

Date: October 1-5, 2018
Location: Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, Villa del Grumello, Como, Italy


Autophagy in the healthy and diseased brain

Autophagy represent a conserved pathway fundamental in the regulation of intracellular homeostasis. It relies on the delivery of cytoplasmic contents to the lysosome for degradation. Among these cargo materials destined to be degraded there are aggregate-prone proteins causing severe neurodegenerative conditions. For that reason, Autophagy has been recently proposed not only as a key regulator of physiological processes, but also as a fundamental pathway which might be responsible for the pathogenetic mechanisms of several neurological disorders.
The aim of the School of Neuroscience will be to overview the recent advances in this new emerging field, thus describing the molecular underpinnings of autophagy and its involvement in pathological conditions.

Preliminary program:

October 1th

9.30 welcoming (Michela Matteoli; Thierry Galli; Davide Pozzi)

10.00 David C Rubinsztein Autophagy and neurodegenerative diseases 11.00 Wim Annaert Tipping the balance to autophagy or endolysosomal dysfunction in neurodegeneration: what are genetics telling to cell biologists?

13.00: Lunch

15.00 David C Rubinsztein Autophagy and polyglutamine diseases 16:30 Wim Annaert Presenilin function in endosomes: relevance for both late and early onset Alzheimer’s disease? 18.00 Angelo Poletti: Motoneuron diseases and the protein quality control system.

Social Dinner

October 2th

9.00 Angelo Poletti: The molecular regulation of the interplay between autophagy and the proteasome, as a way to protect from neurodegeneration 10.00 Patricia Burgos Interplay between the autophagy-lysosomal pathway and the ubiquitin-proteasome system: a target for therapeutic development in Alzheimer’s disease
11:00 Coffee Break

Social Event
13.30 Lunch
14:30 Lawrence Rajendran Endo-Lyso.autophagosomal function and dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease 15.30 Thierry Galli Lysosomal and autophagosomal secretion in neurite growth

16.30 Coffee Break

17:00 Patricia Burgos BACE1 and its amyloidogenic C99 product as mediators of organelle damage in Alzheimer’s disease

October 3 th

9.00 Lawrence Rajendran A biphasic amyloid-synapse model integrating genetics, lifestyle and nutrition on the Alzheimer’s disease risk 10.00 Tim Vervliet Ca2+ signaling in autophagy: a focus on the brain
11:00 Coffee Break

Social Event
13.30: Lunch

14:30 Michela Matteoli Microglia and synaptic pruning: Role of trem2 in synaptic pruning 15:30 Patrik Verstreken Synaptic autophagy defects in Parkinson’s disease 16.30 Coffee Break 18:00 Franck Oury Systemic milieu, brain cognitive functions and aging

October 4 th

9.00 Patrik Verstreken Genetic analyses of synaptic defects in Drosophila 10:00 Francesco Cecconi Selective autophagy and its role in cancer: novel and known pathways 11:00 Coffee Break 11.30 Tim Vervliet Endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ release channels as regulators of autophagy
13.30: Lunch 15:00 Franck Oury Autophagic regulation of cognitive functions and its implication during brain aging 16:00 Francesco Cecconi Autophagy regulation in brain tumors

17:00 Departure

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