Postdoctoral Fellow – Autophagie & Infection (Lyon, France) CFATG
Postdoctoral Fellow – Autophagie & Infection (Lyon, France)
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Post-Doctoral position in Autophagy regulation in infections

The International Center for Research on Infectious Diseases (CIRI),INSERM U1111, CNRS UMR5308, ENS-Lyon, UCB-Lyon1, France

The position is starting in spring 2018

A 2 years post-doctoral position is available in Lyon (France) in the team of Pr. Mathias Faure at the CIRI ( for a highly motivated candidate.The position is starting in spring 2018 and is funded by FRM.

The team is seeking an experienced, creative and autonomous postdoctoral fellow to study the molecular regulation of autophagy in the context of infections. A particular focus is proposed on deciphering posttranslational modifications that contribute to the autophagic control of intracellular microorganisms, in in vitro and in vivo models.

Applicants should have obtained his/her PhD degree (or equivalent doctoral degree) since at least 3 years, with proven research experience. Candidates with background in autophagy, cellular biology/immunology, host/pathogen interaction and murine models are invited to apply.

The International Center for Research on Infectious Diseases (CIRI) is a dynamic research institute runs by INSERM, CNRS, University Lyon 1 and ENSJLyon that was created in 2013.The CIRI offer state of the art infrastructures and platforms in a stimulating scientific environment.

Please, send your application containing a comprehensive curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation with a brief description of research interests and the contact information of three references to

Selected publications:

– Petkova DN, … and M. Faure (2017). Distinct contributions of Autophagy receptors in measles virus replication. Viruses V9(5); e123
– Verlhac P, … and M. Faure (2015). Regulation of Autophagosome Maturation by NDP52 is Required for
Selective Pathogen Degradation by Autophagy. Cell Host & Microbe V17(4):515-25.
– Richetta C, … M. Faure. (2013). Sustained Autophagy Contributes to Measles Virus Infectivity. PloS
Pathogens, Sept;9(9):e1003599.
– Pombo Grégoire I, … M. Faure. IRGM is a common target of RNA viruses that subvert the Autophagy network.PloS Pathogens 2011 V7 7(12):e1002422.
– Joubert, PE, …Faure, M. Autophagy Induction by the Pathogen Receptor CD46. Cell Host and Microbe, 2009, 6 (354-366).

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