Engineer assistant – 12 months


To apply, send your application including a cover letter, your research background, a detailed CV and two reference letters to Flavie Strappazzon:

Offer details

Dr. Flavie Strappazzon is looking for an engineer assistant who will work directly with her on a project funded by the association FRANCE ALZHEIMER and aiming at studying new therapeutic approaches in the context of Alzheimer’s disease with a particular focus on the stimulation of autophagy in a mouse model of the disease.


-Maintenance of a mouse line-histological preparations (brain sections, analysis of the number of synaptic spines, neuronal death, etc.)

-Cellular and molecular biology (culture of cell lines, transfections, PCR, cloning, Western-blot)

-stereotactic injections (optional)

Management and computerized follow-up of analyzed samples -Drafting of a detailed laboratory notebook


Technical know-how associated with the activities mentioned above in the fields of cellular and molecular biology.

Technical know-how in the management of murine lines

Work context

The candidate will integrate the Neuromyogenic Institute – Physiopathology and Genetics of the Neuron and the Muscle (PGNM), UMR5261, located at the Rockefeller Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. This institute is dedicated to the study of the physiopathology of the muscle and the nervous system, with an opening towards clinical and translational research. With 12 research teams and about 150 people, the objectives of our unit are to elucidate the fundamental aspects of the biology of the muscle and the brain from embryonic development to aging. In particular, the candidate will integrate the team “Genetics and Metabolism of Neuronal Development” led by J. Courchet whose research is mainly focused on understanding how the regulation of cellular energy production participates in the formation of functional neuronal circuits during embryonic development.

Keywords: Autophagy, Alzheimer, Taupathies

Eligibility: 2 years of higher education with experience ranging from 1 to 4 years

Start date: September 1, 2023


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