CFATG11 - Lyon, France

08/11/2023 au 10/11/2023

The 11th CFATG was held in Lyon from November 8 to 10, 2023. Over 130 participants joined us at the Palais Hirsch to celebrate autophagy and science in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Invited Speakers

Masaaki Komatsu (Tokyo, Japan)
Claudine Kraft (Freibourg, Germany)
Lisa Frankel (Copenhagen, Danemark)
Carmine Settembre (Naples, Italia)
Harald Wodrich (Bordeaux, France)

CFATG11 resume

Link to CFATG11 resume

CFATG11 aftermovie

Photo Galery

Flyer of the meeting


Comité local d’organisation :

Flavie Strappazon – Coordinator, PGNM, Lyon
Carole Kretz-Remy – Coordinator, PGNM, Lyon
Aurore Rozières – CIRI, Lyon
Mathias Faure – CIRI, Lyon
Fabien Chevalier – LBTI, Lyon
Olivier Meurette – CRCL, Lyon
Ludivine Walter – LBMC, Lyon