Autophagy toolbox

Various information, in the form of articles or videos, on autophagy, its physiopathological functions and methodological approaches.

Endosomal dynamics upon autophagy induction.

This video by J. Da Graca presents the dynamics of early endosomes in response to nutritional stress.

How long does it take to activate autophagy ?

In this short video, Dr. Ana Maria Cuervo, co-director of the A. Einstein Institute (Bronx, NY) for Research on Aging, explains that the time required to activate autophagy is different depending on the type of autophagy.

Mechanistic of autophagy

This animated film presents the mechanism of autophagy, showing the molecular characteristics of autophagosome formation.

Autophagy during aging

This review explores alterations in autophagy that occur during aging.

Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy

This methodological article references the various techniques that can be used to measure autophagy.