EMBO Workshop: Autophagy across scales

23/09/2024 au 27/09/2024

Sorrento, Italy

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Autophagy, a cornerstone of cellular quality control, has seen remarkable breakthroughs since the discovery of Autophagy-related genes in the 1990s. Recent advancements reveal a mechanistically plausible way these genes collaborate to encapsulate cellular material in autophagosomes for lysosomal degradation. It’s now crucial to explore how these ATGs coordinate with membrane trafficking and lipid transfer machinery on molecular and cellular levels.

Armed with molecular insights, we can precisely modulate autophagy to understand its role as a stress response pathway across tissues and organisms. The field is rapidly advancing in mechanistic understanding and scalable tools. While this progress continues, staying aware of broader advancements is essential. Hence, fostering knowledge exchange among autophagy researchers from diverse disciplines is imperative. “Autophagy across scales” stands as the sole EMBO workshop offering this vital opportunity. [From meetings.embo.org]