Return from a CFATG-sponsored conference: Aurore Claude-Taupin

“I was very grateful to obtain a travel grant from the Club Francophone de l’AuTophaGie (CFATG) to attend the 2023 Keystone symposium «Autophagy and Disease ». This conference was an amazing opportunity for me to showcase the work I have done during my 2nd postdoctoral position, published the day after my poster presentation. Attending this conference allowed me to come back in the USA for the 1st time since I left at the end of my 1st postdoctoral fellowship in Vojo Deretic’s lab in May 2020. Being in Keystone in December was perfect for me to discuss with old friends from the autophagy field and prepare for the next stage of my scientific career, as I obtained a permanent research position (INSERM CRCN), starting in January 2024. It allowed me to strengthen connections I made in the past but I was also able to expand my network with members of the autophagy and ubiquitin fields, as this Keystone meeting was joint with the “Ubiquitin Biology and Disease” conference. This symposium was the occasion for the autophagy field to rethink the “old” model, in light of the numerous recent studies describing “non canonical” roles for ATG proteins. Membrane Atg8ylation has been proposed to be the new denomination for all ATG-dependent mechanisms, rather than referring to “canonical” and “non-canonical” autophagy. Overall, this conference explored the frontiers of autophagy research, focusing on new pathways and mechanisms regulating autophagy and their implication in development and disease. This exciting environment promoted the exchange between junior and senior scientists and new collaborations evolved from these three intense days in snowy Keystone. This international conference on autophagy was also a great opportunity to promote the “Women in Autophagy” network, founded to continue Beth Levine’s dedication to scientific research and mentoring on autophagy. I was thrilled to present this amazing network to encourage others to join us! Thank you CFATG for supporting me at this very important time in my career! Aurore Claude-Taupin