A bibliometric analysis of autophagy!

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Today, Pubmed lists 42374 publications with the keyword "autophagy". Since the first discovery of autophagy in 1962 by Ashford TP, Porter KR., the theme has exploded with more than 5000 publications per year, about fifteen articles published every day ... enough to keep us all copiously busy to keep up to date with the bibliography. With a dedicated journal created by Daniel Klionsky in 2005 and a Nobel Prize awarded to Yoshinori Oshumi in 2016, autophagy has a bright future ahead. This article presents a detailed bibliometric analysis of the research field related to autophagy. France is not left behind since three authors or articles are among the most cited in this field: Sophie Pattingre, current President of the CFATG, for an article published in Beth Levine's laboratory, Guido Kroemer and finally, Patrice Codogno, French pioneer in the study of autophagy and at the origin of the foundation of the CFATG. Long life to autophagy and great success to you all in your research! The CFATG

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