Membrane traffic in healthy & diseased brain

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Principal investigator

Thierry GALLI

Top, from left to right: Fabienne Pierre, Axelle Simon, Béatrice Cholley, David Tareste, Lydia Danglot, Ahmed Zahraoui, Soledad Ferreras, Sébastien Nola, Victor Breton, Hugo Fumat Bottom, from left to right: Thierry GALLI, Christian Vannier, Alessandra Gallo, Francesca Filippini and Jose-Ignacio Wojnacki-Fonseca

Research themes

Our group studies the dynamics of intracellular membranes in developing and mature neurons, in healthy and pathogenic contexts. Dysfunction of intracellular endosomal and mitochondrial dynamics has been linked to a variety of psychiatric including depression and schizophrenia and neurodegenerative disorders, including Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT), Alzheimer, Parkinson and Huntington diseases. This certainly suggests a crucial role of membrane dynamics in the formation and maintenance of neuronal elaborated shapes and contacts. Despite a large amount of literature, the molecular and cellular principles that govern the establishment and maintenance of neuronal shapes and contacts (synapses) still remain to be elucidated.
The aim of the team is to understand the basic mechanisms and the regulation of membrane trafficking, particularly autophagic secretion, in the context of brain development, psychiatric diseases, brain tumors and neurodegeneration (Parkinson, Alzheimer). We use techniques of cellular and molecular biology with special emphasis on live cell imaging and proteomics, as well as biophysical approaches to study membrane dynamics, adhesion and fusion in vitro.

Descriptive figure


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Composition de l'équipe

Victor Breton : Doctorant
Béatrice Cholley : AI
Lydia Danglot : CRCN
Francesca Filippini : Doctorante
Hugo Fumat : Doctorant
Alessandra Gallo : Doctorante
Sébastien Nola : IR
Axelle Simon : IE
David Tareste : CRCN
Christian Vannier : Emérite
Somya Vats : Post-doctorante
Ahmed Zahraoui : DR