Institut de Recherche sur le Cancer et le Vieillissement de Nice (IRCAN)
Centre Antoine Lacassagne
Avenue de Valombrose
06107 Nice Cedex 02, France - Nice
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Principal investigator


Research themes

Since 2004, my research activity has been devoted to understand the tumor suppressive function of autophagy particularly in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), which is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. To succeed in this effort, I conduct a multidisciplinary program integrating basic, clinical, molecular, and genetics approaches. I recruited a postdoc (A Chargui now MCU, University of Tunis), two PhD students (E Corcelle now senior researcher Denmark, and A Belaid, post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School USA) and five technicians/engineers (M Nebout, Djerbi N, P Ndiaye, N Durand, B Romeo).

A. Homeostasis and tumor suppression – Concept of Signalphagy

Specifically, our works describe an important discovery concerning the control of the RHOA pathway by autophagy.

B. Inhibition by pollutants / environmental carcinogens

Supported by ADEME, the Health and Environment Plan (ARS and DREAL), the PACA region and ANR, we provided the first evidence that:

Composition de l'équipe

Baharia Mograbi, CR1
Nelly Durand, AI
Barnabé Roméo, AI