Normal and Leukemic hematopoietic stem cells: autorenewal, signaling and targets

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The INSERM team “Normal and Leukemic Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Self-renewal, Signaling and Therapeutic Targets” was born from the desire to establish an ambitious research by bringing together several researchers and physicians wishing to develop basic and translational research. This team brings together the group of Dr. Zoran Ivanovic from the French Blood Institute – Aquitaine-Limousin, the group of Dr. Jean-Max Pasquet of the INSERM 1035 unit team oncogenic tyrosine kinase signaling and the Department of Professor Noel Milpied, Head of the Department of Clinical Hematology And cell therapy. The development of targeted therapies has greatly improved the treatment and fate of patients as well as the discovery of new signaling pathways to improve not only the management of patients but also our knowledge of leukemogenesis. The main challenges today are to characterize normal stem cells for transplantation, to improve their conservation and expansion, and to study leukemic stem cells and their microenvironment to identify mechanisms in the haematopoietic niche that control Resistance to current therapeutics. This research, conducted in close collaboration with the clinical hematology department, will enable us to translate our expertise into the therapeutic management of acute leukemia.

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